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ISOSTUD 100 geomembrane

Geomembrane ISOSTUD 100 perfect waterproofing system for the protection of building structures. Geomembrane Isostud is used in modern building construction foundation, basement, walls, intermediate division and flat roof waterproofing, drainage and mechanical protection. This membrane is made of high density polyethylene are characterized by high strength and resistance to a variety of aggressive media. Isostud is a product that, thanks to the numerous projections can ventilate the surface, to protect them and to lead them from moisture.

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Image Title Price per piece Amount Total price
ISOSTUD 100 geomembrane, 100cm, 20m2 360,87 Kr 0,00 Kr
ISOSTUD 200 geomembrane, 200cm, 40m2 721,74 Kr 0,00 Kr

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