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Ragno Season

The natural tones make the living a warm and enveloping space. Season is made ​​of glazed porcelain stoneware and its tiles are suitable both for floor and wall covering outdoor and indoor.

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Ragno Freetime

Freetime is a porcelain stoneware inspired by wood and suitable to floor all the rooms of the house, bathroom included. Freetime ceramic tiles are available in 5 different colours: Avorio, Miele, Rovere, Marrone and Fumo.

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Ragno Harmony

Harmony is produced in glazed porcelain stoneware in the innovative 15x90 cm size. Available in 5 wood-inspired colours, Harmony is ideal for installation in indoor and outdoor residential settings thanks to the outdoor surface structure.

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Ragno Concept

The porcelain tiles in the Concept collection by Ragno have a versatile, trendy look. The collection’s key feature is a concrete-like tactile effect. Concept comes in six colours and three cut sizes, and also includes a decorative mosaic. Suitable as a floor and wall covering in heavily used residential and retail locations.

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Leonardo ceramica Basic

Full body porcelain tiles

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NowaGala Concept

Where a river flows down the hill and crosses the landscape it reveals the cross section of the Earth's outer layers. These layers vary in colour and structure. The delicate and contrastive colours of our CONCEPT collection refer to these natural layers of sand, sandstone and loess. The unique graphic design and a polished surface make these tiles a material, which just like stone, is able to create interesting and glamorous arrangements. The collection is perfect for utilization in large areas, where it will fully exhibit its extraordinary decorative values.

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